A South African Classicist at Cornell

  • Jeffrey Murray University of Cape Town, South Africa
Keywords: Barbara I. Buchanan, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles E. Bennett, Benjamin I. Wheeler, Cornell University, Huguenot College, classical education, women’s education, Second South African War of Independence, concentration camp schools


Barbara Isabella Buchanan (1854–1944), the first Chair of Classics at Huguenot College in Wellington in the Cape Colony, was the first South African-born woman to gain a Master’s degree. To date, historians of women’s edu­cation as well as classical education in South Africa have erroneously credited her with a doctoral degree from Cornell University. This article supplements lesser-known aspects of Buchanan’s biography, and in doing so, sheds light on her experiences in South Africa during the Second South African War of Independence (1899–1902).

Author Biography

Jeffrey Murray, University of Cape Town, South Africa


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